Steps toward a better personal or working life

Jill Geisow


Do you long to make changes at home or in your working life, but just keep putting things off because it all seems too difficult? Talking about problems and breaking them down into manageable small steps has helped many others improve their lives. Would you like to make a start to improve yours? If you are troubled by personal issues select my Personal coaching page. If your problems relate to your work or career, choose my Work page. A quick summary of my areas of work is below

Personal life

Personal coaching is all about improving your life in areas that are not quite right, or just to help you achieve something new. Changes that are needed in your life are much more likely to work with the aid of an independent accredited coach. Areas where I have helped clients recently include:-

  1. Work / Life balance issues.
  2. Changes clients want to make but "never quite get off the ground".
  3. Changes in business relating to "people issues".
  4. Career coaching & mentoring.
  5. Confidence coaching.
  6. Releationship issues

Working life

Where do you stand in today's job market?

  • Are you looking for your first career opportunity or do you want to change direction? You may not know what you really want to do, but you know that right now you are not fulfilled.
  • Are you a young person looking to get started? Landing that first job is a big challenge! I can help you prepare for that all important interview.
  • Has organisational change made your position untenable or redundant?
  • Would you like to re-invent yourself in career terms?
  • Are you an older person who would like to investigate the portfolio approach at this time in your life? This is where you do more than one job or activity, using a number of different skills you may have, or new ones you could learn?


It's good to dream. Better still to make those dreams come true. I have done this in my own life and you can too! If you want to acheive a major project, especially a new business venture, or you have already started one, as a former Human Resources manager of long standing I may be able to help.